Winter Solstice Throw Pattern Launches

The Winter Solstice Throw is the 1st pattern in a series of Winter Solstice patterns in the pipeline.

In addition to the throw pattern, I will also be releasing a shawl and poncho pattern to complete the series. This will be done as soon as testing is finished.

The stitch combinations used in this pattern are a variation of the traditional granny stitch worked in rows instead of in the round, combined with chain loops and with an added row of overlay crochet to give it some additional texture. The overlay is done in a contrasting colour which enhances the texture of the throw.

This is quite a dense pattern. To ensure a nice drape I have used bigger hook sizes than I would normally with this yarn.


I have prepared an INTRODUCTION DOCUMENT for your convenience. This contains all the information you need before getting started on making this throw. Tap or click here to download the document.

I used ColourSpun 100% Pure Cotton DK for this project.

The sample pattern background is worked in the ColourSpun Grey Ombré Stack. This stack comprises of 6 different shades of grey. The overlay rows are worked in 3 different contrasting colours, i.e. Crimson Red, White and Black. This resulted in a really masculine version of the throw. My Personal Trainer was the very happy recipient of the completed throw. 

My testers (who tested with ColourSpun) worked with the same grey ombré background colours and used different contrasting overlays. Some examples can be seen in the gallery below. Notice how feminine the pink overlay version turned out. This really is a very versatile pattern.

Buy the Pattern

The pattern is available to purchase for US$2.99 through The Neave Collection and Ravelry. If you have purchased a subscription then you can access the pattern here. You must be logged in.


If you have purchased a subscription then you can access the pattern here. You must be logged in. This link will take you to the complete pattern download. 

ColourSpun Kits

Kits are available for purchase directly from ColourSpun. Tap or click here to visit the online store.

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  1. Val Burton says:

    It was such a pleasure testing the gorgeous pattern from Debbie. It is a beautifully textured design in overlay crochet with a comfortingly weight, worked in ColourSpun DK cotton.

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