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If You Need Help

We have around 2,000 people registered to take part. This is a lot of people and we need you to help us by keeping support questions to a minimum please. 

How can you help?

  1. It’s very important that you read all the information provided on this Secret page. This should answer 99.9% of your questions. Please also familiarize yourself with Announcements on the Facebook Group
  2. If you get stuck on the pattern, please watch the relevant video before asking for assistance. This will help keep support issues to a minimum.
  3. Make sure you have the Introduction document available to refer to. This contains a lot of valuable information including a list of Abbreviations. You will find a link to this document below.

If you still need any assistance after you have followed these steps, you are welcome to email me. I will do my best to help you within reason.

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Post-Launch Links

Part 1 - Available 1 April 2021

Video Tutorials



Part 2 - Available 8 April 2021

Video Tutorials



Part 3 - Available 15 April 2021

Download Pattern PDF – Part 3 (Options 1 & 2)

  • Updated 15 April 2021 to include new left-handed video links for Option 1.

Download Pattern PDF – Part 3 (Option 3)

  • This option is the EASY option for Part 3. It has come to my attention, quite late in the project, that we have several people signed up who would prefer an easier option for Part 3. As always, I try to be obliging. This option does not have any Rounds of overlay crochet and is more suitable for the less experienced crocheters in the group. Because this is an afterthought, there are only a few pictures. You will find some time-stamped links to videos to help you on Rounds 36, 37 and 38. These videos are just extracts from Options 1 & 2. No videos are provided for Rounds 39 to 47. It is very easy though. 

Download Book PDF – Part 3

Video Tutorials

Part 3: Right-Handed - Option 1

Part 3: Right-Handed - Option 2

Part 3: Left-Handed - Option 1

Part 3: Left-Handed - Option 2

Part 4 - Available 22 April 2021

Download Pattern PDF – Part 4

Download Book PDF-Part 4

Video Tutorials



Part 5 - Available 29 April 2021

Download Pattern PDF – Part 5

Download Book PDF – Part 5

Video Tutorials



Part 6 - Available 7 May 2021

Download Pattern PDF – Part 6

Download Book PDF – Part 6

Video Tutorials



Part 7 - Available 14 May 2021

Download Pattern PDF – Part 7

Download Book PDF – Part 7

Video Tutorials



Part 8 - Available 21 May 2021

Download Pattern PDF – Part 8

Download Book PDF – Part 8

Video Tutorials for Part 8



General Information

Free Crochet and Read-Along

The pattern and book will be launched as a FREE Crochet and Read Along on Thursday, 1 April 2021.

The 8 Parts of the throw pattern and The Old Wool Factory book will be released as PDF files on the following dates:

    •                Part 1:                  1 April
    •                Part 2:                  8 April
    •                Part 3:                  15 April
    •                Part 4:                  22 April
    •                Part 5:                  29 April
    •                Part 6:                  7 May
    •                Part 7:                  14 May
    •                Part 8:                  21 May

Purchase the COMPLETE Pattern

We have received several requests from people who would prefer to have access to the complete pattern and novel so that they can work at their own pace. To accommodate this request both the pattern and the novel will be available to purchase from 25 February 2021. 

NOTE: Both the book and pattern will be available for FREE on 1 April 2021 as part of an 8 Part Crochet and Read-along.


Pattern Subscribers

The Complete Pattern will be available FREE to current subscribers after the CAL is completed on 4 June 2021.Only the pattern will be provided as part of your pattern subscription. You will need to purchase the book. This is a separate transaction between you and Marie LeClaire, the author of The Old Wool Factory. 

To clarify, a pattern subscriber is any person who has purchased a 6 or 12 month pattern subscription from The Neave Collection. This subscription must be current in order to qualify for this. If your subscription has lapsed you can renew here.

Subscription holders are very welcome to register to participate in the FREE CAL. You don’t have to wait until 4 June. You will then have the option to download both the pattern and book in 8 Parts – FREE!

This project is linked to a Facebook Group called “The Old Wool Factory”. Please join this private group if you haven’t already done so.

Pre-Launch Document Links for Free Crochet & Read-Along

The following documents have been published prior to the CAL launch on 1 April 2021. These contain useful information. Please tap or click on the links below to download:

This document contains all the information you need prior to starting this project.

Download this document if you need to know how much yarn for is required if you are not purchasing a kit from Colourspun. 

The pattern for the throw comes standard with color changes included for each round for the 13 and 7 color versions.

There is also a 2 color version. The round changes for this version are not included in the standard pattern. Download this document if you want to follow my color changes using 2 colors. Please read this document carefully.

This is the Forget Me Not Kit by ColourSpun (See 2 Color Kits Link Below)

If you would prefer to use other brands of yarn or your stash, please tap or click here for details on how many meters/yards you need.

Video Tutorials

The Old Wool Factory Throw is rated as an INTERMEDIATE pattern by our testers. This means that it does have some challenging sections.
I have produced video tutorials in support of the written pattern. These are available in both right and left-handed versions to assist you. Most Rounds are covered in these tutorials. Producing these tutorials is a huge amount of work but worth it in my view.
The videos are in ENGLISH only. If you prefer, mute my commentary and just follow the visual.
If you are finding any parts of the pattern difficult, please watch the video before asking for help. If you still can’t fathom the pattern then please ask for help. We have a large number of people participating in the CAL, so its imperative that you do your best to help us keep support issues to a minimum. The videos must be your first line of support.
There are links provided at the top of each Round with the time listed to enable you to fast forward to the exact starting place for the Round you are working on.
To keep this project as stress free as possible for all of us, please, please, please use these videos if you get stuck. I have put my heart and soul into this project, as has the rest of the team. You can help us enormously if you do this.


This pattern has been thoroughly tested. However, from time to time little things may get missed in the editing process. Our sincere apologies for these oversights. As errors and typos are found they will be listed here for your convenience. The master document will also be updated. You can download the latest version of the document from MY ACCOUNT / DOWNLOADS.


1 March 2021

Round 11 – ignore the extra 2 shown in bold and underlined:

1hdc in each of the next 2 dc sts 2 on Round 9, ch1, sk the next st

should read

1hdc in each of the next 2 dc sts on Round 9, ch1, sk the next st

Round S14 – text in blue italics should read:

(ch1, pc5, ch2, pc5, ch1)

3 March 2021

Round 32 – The Round Numbers 30 and 31 were transposed. Corrected version below.

Using color F. (Using color C).

Working in any dc on Round 30 (see 1st picture below) and picking up the ch-4 sp on Round 31 at the same time – join with a st-sc,

[{dc2cl, ch1, (tc2cl, ch1) 2 times, dc2cl} in the next ch-4 sp on Round 31, sc in the next dc on Round 30 and pick up the ch-4 sp on Round 31] 35 times, dc2cl, ch1, (tc2cl, ch1) 2 times, dc2cl, in the next ch-4 sp on Round 31.

Fasten off and join with an invisible join to the top of the 1st st-sc.

Secure the ends after checking the stitch counts.


5th March 2021 - Materials List

Meters and Yards corrected:

7th March 2021

Part 3 – Option 2 – Page 75, 76, 77, 78 and 79:

Removed “per side” from stitch counts.

Added 2 tips just after Part 2 – Option 2 – Round 42 on Page 78, as follows:

Part 4 – Pages 86, 88, 90:

Added S in front of “Round” on lines 7 and 8 of S5, S9 and S13.

Updated video links for Parts 3 & 4. The old links will still work and the changes are minor.

28 March 2021

Part 3 Page 74 – I have added a third, very easy option. This is to accommodate the less experienced crocheters amongst us. Links are provided in the PDF file.

Part 4 Round S13 Page 90 – A part of the instruction was missing. This has been corrected as follows: 

Part 8 Round S79 Page 132 – The stitch count has been corrected to:

Stitch count:          47sc, 46bpsc and 94ch-2 sps per side.

10 April 2021

Part 3 - Available 15 April 2021:

Download Pattern PDF

Download Book PDF

Video Tutorials


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