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ColourSpun Gradient, Ombré Stacks

Each stack contains 6 x 50g cakes of yarn = 300g. The colours are carefully chosen and stacked to help you create your own colour magic. Available in Pure Wool and Pure Cotton in various yarn weights.

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ColourSpun Orders:


P O Box 2

Heidelberg, 1438

South Africa

Telephone: +27880163492949


Setting Colours:

When working with 100% cotton that has been hand-dyed, it is recommended that you test the cotton to ensure that the colours do not bleed before washing your item. Click here to view a document describing this process.

Washing Instructions:

  • Hand wash in cool water using a mild soap. Do not soak. Colour catchers recommended.

  • Dry flat and ease into shape if necessary.

  • Blocking is recommended.

  • Do not iron.

  • Tumble-dry at a low heat only.

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