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Following on from my announcement yesterday, I have received so many messages from people who were “just about to buy” a certain pattern/subscription and now feel very let down.

I am going to open up the Subscription Club for purchase until 31 May 2021 – that’s just a few days to give you all one last chance to own your favorite Neave Collection patterns for a ridiculously low price. There are 35 patterns available to download in the Subscription – see the list below:

Please follow these instructions carefully:

  1. This special dispensation ends on 31 May 2021. Please do not ask for any extension as the answer will be an emphatic “no”.
  2. Login to The Neave Collection. If you need help resetting passwords you may ask, but please remember your manners. “Please” and “thank you” are very important words to me and, based on previous experiences, all too often forgotten. My email is I have very sadly become so disillusioned in people in general. I hope I can change this in time by distancing myself.
  3. Tap or click HERE to buy a subscription. You won’t find it any other way as the online store no longer exists. Once you have purchased the subscription, go to My Account/Downloads on my website. 
  4. Download, and save to your own device, all the patterns you would like. Make a backup. If you lose the download its gone forever. The web site will be retired on 31 May 2022 – that’s in 1 years time.
  5. Once you have completed downloading the files you want, complete the following 2 steps:
    1. In My Account/Subscriptions –  Click on VIEW and then CANCEL (if necessary).
    2. Go to your PayPal account and CANCEL ANY RECURRING PAYMENT to The Neave Collection. If you don’t do this PayPal will pay me again from your account in a year’s time. 
  6. You can only purchase a subscription. I won’t be selling individual patterns. Please don’t ask.
  7. One to one support will not be provided by me from this point onwards. Please don’t ask. I am feeling completely overwhelmed and I am simply no longer available. 
  8. Honor my Copyright and Terms of Use. I still own the patterns. Theft and sharing of patterns without permission is rife amongst the crochet community. Don’t do it.

I know that the tone of this post is very different to how I normally communicate. Please understand that huge frustration has brought me to this point. I have stopped just short of breaking completely. I feel entitled to let my true feelings be expressed at this time. My heart is racing as I write this.

It hasn’t all been bad. I have made some amazing friends through The Neave Collection. I treasure you all and thank you for your kindness and support over the years. You know who you are. Way too many to mention individually.

Love & light



List of Patterns:

  1. Butterfly Kisses
  2. Andrea Ruana
  3. Bella Building Blocks
  4. Cover Girl
  5. Dearly Beloved
  6. Diamond & Lace Wrap
  7. Diamond & Lace Poncho
  8. Domenica Poncho
  9. Ebb & Flow Throw
  10. I Spy a Pullover
  11. Lady D Poncho
  12. Octagon Liaison
  13. Stevie’s Wish Upon A Star
  14. Galaxy Fantasy Square
  15. Milky Way Square
  16. Southern Cross Square
  17. Terry Anne Throw
  18. The Blushing Bride Throw
  19. The Neave Jacket for Prem Babies
  20. The Snow-Drop Throw
  21. The Niki Parasol
  22. Because I Can’t Wear a Beanie Ear Warmer (by Val Burton)
  23. Strelitzia Square
  24. The Mystical Unicorn
  25. The Neave Baby Blanket
  26. Winter Solstice Throw
  27. Winter Solstice Shawl
  28. Romantic Rendezvous Throw
  29. Cables for Ingrid Throw
  30. Cables for Kim Throw
  31. Cables for Valerie Throw
  32. Ladies Who Lunch Placemats
  33. Lady D Vest with Hood
  34. Lady D Pocket Shawl
  35. The Old Wool Factory Complete Pattern


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