Dearly Beloved
Dearly Beloved

Dearly Beloved

An elegant and timeless heirloom throw

Dearly Beloved


If you loved Snow-Drop then this one is for you!


The Introduction to the Dearly Beloved Crochet-along (CAL) has now been released. It can be downloaded here.*


This throw is described by my husband, Phil, as “being elegant enough to gift to the queen”. He loves it and it is definitely my favourite design to date.


The Inspiration


It is designed as an anniversary commemorative gift. The inspiration came from a dear friend, Anne-Marie Moore. Anne-Marie and David celebrate their golden wedding anniversary in February 2019. Anne-Marie wants to honour this special milestone and show her love and gratitude to David for these years together by gifting him a special handmade throw, a comforter. A symbol of togetherness.


Anne-Marie has also very kindly shared some of her lovely poetry and prose to be released with the pattern parts.


Anne-Marie is a teacher, writer and calligrapher who reads, travels and interacts with people of different cultures and backgrounds (especially children). David is a veterinary surgeon who enjoys travel and is passionate about photography and wide open spaces. They have twin sons and a daughter and four grandchildren – who are the apple of their grandparents’ eyes.


Why make this throw?


  • It is delicate and subtle;
  • It is very usable and will add a touch of elegance to your bedroom or living rooms;
  • It has been designed to be an heirloom piece;
  • It has lovely textures, with lots of symbolism incorporated into the stitches and shapes;
  • It has many interesting stitch combinations to keep you from getting bored;
  • It can be made in various sizes;
  • You can use any yarn you choose but remember that this will affect sizing, quantities, etc;
  • It is ideally suited to a monochrome colour due to the lovely textures, but you can use as many colours as you choose and I look forward to seeing lots of gorgeous pictures reflecting your personal interpretation;
  • It comes with full video tutorial support and I believe that even beginners would be able to cope.


So you don’t like to join squares? Yes, I hear you, but …………………….


This is an opportunity to learn how to “join as you go” using the incredibly beautiful flat braid join. It’s much easier than you may think! Once you have mastered this method you need never avoid making and joining squares again. Detailed instructions are provided in the written pattern and there are right and left handed video tutorials to assist you.




This pattern will be released as a CAL over a period of 7 weeks as follows: 

 Part # Date
 Introduction 2 May 2018
1 16 May 2018
2 23 May 2018 
3 30 May 2018 
4 6 June 2018
5 13 June 2018
6 20 June 2018
7  27 June 2018

Ordering Materials

You will see that you have two weeks in which to get prepared to join in the CAL before Part 1 is released. South African members are welcome to purchase their yarn through The Yarn Tree. Two options have been provided, please use the links below to download the order forms:


  1. ColourSpun Pure Cotton 4 ply – This is what I used to create the sample throw used for the written pattern and the video tutorial;
    1. ColourSpun Order Form in Excel Format
    2. ColourSpun Order Form in PDF Format
  2. Stylecraft Special DK.
    1. Stylecraft Order Form in Excel Format
    2. Stylecraft Order Form in PDF Format


Please contact The Yarn Tree direct if you wish to discuss yarn and colour choices.


Whilst our international members are very welcome to order from The Yarn Tree, you are also able to substitute the specified yarns with your locally available options. 


Subscription Service


To participate in this CAL, you will need to be a subscribed member of The Neave Collection. If you are not yet subscribed, please click here for more information. Subscribers will have access to my entire pattern collection for as long as your subscription remains paid up. At the end of this CAL, the complete Dearly Beloved pattern will be published on the subscription pattern site and will remain available to subscribers indefinitely.


At the end of the CAL, the complete pattern will also be available for purchase through Ravelry at US$4.99. This is to accommodate those of you who do not wish to purchase a subscription. I will publish more information on this when it is released, but it will be approximately 2 weeks after the final part of the CAL has been published.


If you have any questions that are not answered above or in the Introduction document, please don’t hesitate to send me an email.

Please see the picture gallery below for some beautiful pictures of the Dearly Beloved. Thanks to my wonderful testers, Val Burton, Fay Gordon, Mouneen Forrester, Christine Pothier and Chris Jones Boyd for sharing their pictures with us. Thank you also to all of them for their ongoing support and commitment to the testing process.


Sending love and light to you all wherever you may be,






* Dearly Beloved Erratum



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11 comments on article "Dearly Beloved"


Am overwhelmed and excited by the beautiful project. Thank you for putting my thoughts into reality. Hoping that everyone who makes this will enjoy the creation and process.

Mona Leonard

HI Debbie

Would Elle Pure Gold DK be a good substitute to use?

Regards Mona

Lori Tretheway

Hi Debbie,

Have you posted the colourway you used for Dearly Beloved any where? I have not come across it (I don't think) and if you have and I have missed it, please accept my apologies but could you direct me to where it is posted? Thank you!

Lori Tretheway

Please disregard my previous post. I have looked through the photos from your blog and realized the one I like was probably not made by you. I will figure it out. So sorry for the bother since I'm sure you are overwhelmed with questions about Dearly Beloved because it is such a beautiful piece everyone should want to make one!

Leanne Benton

Am I required to purchase the subscription to have access to the video tutorials or will there be a link if I purchase just the pattern from Ravelry?

PS: You really knocked this one out of the park!?


Sorry I missed your question. If you purchase the pattern from Ravelry you will be able to access the videos through the links in the pattern. I hope this helps ?

Susan Nedd

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