I have been very fortunate to be associated with Debbie since the inception of The Neave Collection. She is an amazingly talented designer who gives 100% to the design process, producing meticulously written and illustrated patterns, as well as incredible video tutorials. She is generous to a fault and I am so privileged to be one of her testers.
Valerie Burton
Debbie is a kind, generous lady with a big heart. The Neave Collection patterns are well written and explained and together with the fabulous video tutorials this makes Debbie's pattern easily achievable with wonderful results.
Kim Lategan
OHMYGOSH DEBBIE! I didn't have time to download Part 1 of BBB when it came out, so I am just getting to it today. First, of course, I love this pattern. I have so many of your patterns in my queue--the Neave Baby Blanket, The Blushing Bride, The Snow-Drop CAL, and now this. I love them all. But what I am just over the moon about today is my discovery of your Stylecraft-DK-Colours-with-RGB-Conversions-1.pdf document. I was just chatting (electronically) with Katie over at Salty Pearl Crochet, and we were talking about why we like to shop in-store versus online, and besides the squish factor, it was all about how you can't tell what the colors actually look like. This is especially true for a yarn like Stylecraft that we can't get in the U.S. (At least, I can't get it locally where I live.) But you with your RGB color conversion--BRILLIANT! Add to that all the other wonderful resources you've put together for this CAL—those Colour-Your-Own Word documents are genius!—and I'm champing at the bit to get started! THANK YOU for such an amazing design and all the support you provide.
Patty Love

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