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The Mystical Unicorn
Debbie Hemsley

The Mystical Unicorn

Dedicated to IVF Community



This pattern is dedicated to the IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) community. This comprises many people, including:

  • The women and men who pursue the possibility of having a baby through IVF. They encounter many obstacles. They experience hope, alternating with disappointment. They strive to stay positive against all the odds. It is a journey for the brave. It is a journey with an uncertain outcome, bringing either great joy or huge disappointment.

  • Many visits to doctors, many injections, lots of keeping records and, hopefully, at the end they receive the ultimate gift of a baby.

  • Families walk this road together, always hoping for a positive outcome. More and more babies are being born through IVF interventions and for this we should be thankful to:

    • The scientists who spend long hours in their laboratories identifying and testing new and innovative fertility treatments. Treatments which bring hope to people desperate for children;

    • The universities who educate and mentor the great minds within their communities, producing even more scientists to continue the great work;

    • The health workers who work closely with the IVF candidates to guide them through the available treatments. This includes doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians and their support staff.

The Unicorn is the national animal of Scotland. The pattern happens to resemble tartan. This was not planned, but became evident along the way.


Two very special family members are currently going through IVF and this is dedicated especially to them. You know who you are …….. I love you!



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4 comments on article "The Mystical Unicorn"


Wonderful dedication Debbie. Love to all who have to go through these procedures and to those who assist.


What a wonderful dedication. Know just what a tough journey this and the tremendous joy a positive outcome brings. Good luck to those starting out on the journey and may you be blessed with a positive result. Thank you Debbie for this delight full pattern xx

Ursula Uphof

I just love this pattern. Thank you Debbie. I have a lovely granddaughter thanks to the possibility of IVF, and I do thank all those people that you mention. xxx


Good one

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