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Fix without frogging!
Debbie Hemsley
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Fix without frogging!

How to avoid ripping out lots of work.

Hello Neaverlanders

Repair! Don't Rip!

The subject of many posts on various social media sites is the shock and pain experienced when a mistake is found in a treasured work in progress. All too often the mistake is a few rounds back and could involve a lot of work to fix it.

Questions are posed on social media .........

To frog or not to frog? You will get many different opinions on this. Some people are perfectionists, others can live with the mistakes. The only opinion that really counts is your own.

Is it noticeable? There are times when minor mistakes will not be noticeable and, in this instance, leave well alone. Don't make unnecessary work for yourself. If the mistake is evident, then most of us will want to fix it.

In most instances mistakes can be easily repaired without resorting to frogging. It is very possible to cut out and re-fill the area in need of fixing. I have prepared a short video tutorial to demonstrate how this can be done.

I hope you will find this useful and that this method will save you many hours.

Click on the links below to access the right and left handed video tutorials.

Thank you for your support and for taking the time to visit my blog.






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