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Butterfly Kisses Launches
Debbie Hemsley

Butterfly Kisses Launches



Butterfly Kisses is no longer available as a free CAL. It can be obtained by subscribing to my subscription patterns for US$ 6 for 6 months or US$9 for 12 Months


it can be purchased as an individual pattern through Ravelry for US$3.99 by clicking here.

Some of the links in the article below may no longer work as the site has been restructured to accommodate the subscription service. Use this link to access the latest version of the Introduction Document. 

Welcome to Butterfly Kisses CAL.


This throw was designed for children aged from 2 to 7 years old. My own granddaughters were the inspiration for this design.It can also be used as a baby blanket.

This CAL will be administered from a Facebook Group called The Neave Collection”.

The Introduction to the CAL will be released by 15 November 2017, with 6 Parts being released over a 7 week period – Part 4 will run over 2 weeks. Part 1 will launch on 29 November 2017. Both the written pattern and the video tutorial will be released simultaneously.

The Introduction document is a very important part of the CAL. Please ensure that you download it and go through it carefully before starting. You will find lots of important information as well as links to various videos that you may find helpful.

I have used ColourSpun 4 Ply Sock Weight Pure Cotton for this project. I love working with it. 

I am sure that there will be questions, so here are some answers in anticipation:

Can I use materials other than those specified?

Yes, you can. However, consistent tension/gauge is very important. This is especially true if you are not using the materials as specified. 

The best advice I can give is that you lay your work down after each round to ensure that it is lying flat. This is a good indicator that your tension/gauge is correct. There will be times when I will indicate that the work may be a bit wavy while working a particular section. When I specifically make mention of this, then there is no need to worry – subsequent rounds will correct the wave.


This project was designed using Sock 4 Ply. If you use a lighter or heavier weight yarn, the size of your throw will be different to mine. Using the materials specified, the throw measures approximately 130 x 115 cm / 51 x 45".


Can I use my own colours?


Yes, absolutely. I would love to see the alternative colour schemes you come up with. 


Will there be video tutorials?


Yes, there are video tutorials for this CAL. They will be released weekly along with the written pattern. You will have access to both a right handed and a left handed version. 


Can I buy a kit?


Yes, kits are available from The Yarn Tree. This is a shop located in Parktown, South Africa. They are happy to ship internationally, however, this can be quite expensive as South Africa is so far away from most other countries. Please use this Order Form to place any orders. Please also note that all queries relating to orders must be sent to theyarntreesa@gmail.com. Please don't direct these queries to me as I won't be able to assist you. The Order Form details shipping costs for local South African orders. Please email them if you need a quote for international shipping.


Please remember to read my Terms of Use to make sure that you use my patterns appropriately. Many, many hours of work go into producing a pattern such as this. Please respect my terms.


All that remains for now is for me to thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm. This is what feeds my creativity and makes all the long hours of work worthwhile.


Sending much love to you all wherever you may be.







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6 comments on article "Butterfly Kisses Launches"


This looks like a lovely blanket to make for my youngest granddaughter. She is autistic and I hope that the different colors and textures will please her. Your pattern looks beautiful. I can't wait to get started. I am going to try to crochet along with the group instead of getting so far behind that I give it up.


Hello Alice. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I am sure your daughter will love it. We have a family member with severe autism so understand completely. Please give her a big hug from me.



Hi.. getting excited with the new CAL.. just checking what is the Hook size using for the pattern? Thanks.


Hi Jennifer

Welcome! 😀

Please download the Introduction document. This contains all the relevant information.



Excited to start this CAL. Want to make it from my youngest granddaughter who just turned 2. Recurves my yarn yesterday and am itching to start!!


Not long to wait now. Remember to share some pictures on our Facebook Group. Xx

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